About Us

summer Japan 2011 034Japan Event Services is the U.S. based destination specialist  exclusive to assisting those travelers wishing to experience the best of Japan.

We take pride in our “Boutique-Style” approach, providing our clients with personalized service from program conception to completion.

Our efforts over the years have earned us a reputation for providing one-of a-kind programs, resulting in unique travel experiences that will last a lifetime.

What Makes Us Different?

    • Our U.S. based,  English speaking staff is here to assist you from design to implementation. No time lost struggling with cultural obstacles.
    • Exclusive access to private venues results in a travel experience that offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating culture that is Japan.
    •  With the most updated “insider’s” level of knowledge and experience, we are able to design programs that go beyond the typical sightseeing activities.





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